Oksana Prokopenko



(* Solo Exhibition)

upcoming: Sep.6-Oct.17, 2019 The Lovely Wild, Openings, St Paul the Apostle, New York, NY

currwnt: March 13 - May 14, 2019 Lenox Hill Hospital, NYC

current: Chapel at the Sheen Center, NYC

2018-19 *Eternal Divine, Sheen Center for Culture and Thought, NYC

2018 *Lucid Dreaming, X Gallery, NYC

2018 Jardi Del Silenci, Barcelona, Spain

2018 Frabjous, Openings, St Paul the Apostle, NYC

2018 *La Presentacion, Casa-Museo Arte e Cultura, Cartagena, Colombia

2018 Weill Art Gallery, NYC, juried exhibition, Weill Art Gallery, NYC

juror -Sara Softness, assistant curator Brooklyn

Museum, former curatorial associate Guggenheim Museum Please Press Down Arrow To Read More

2018 LIC ArtsOpen at the Factory, NYC

2018 Hopper-Goetschius House Museum, NJ

2017 Respect, Openings, St Paul the Apostle, NYC

2017 Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, August Open Studios show,

collaborative project with M.Negulescu, North Adams, MA

2017 Broadway piano in Central Park, designed for Sing for Hope and painted

in collaboration with Andrew Lloyd Webber musical casts of Phantom of the Opera, Cats

and School of Rock, NYC

2017 SuperMe, part of LIC Arts Open 7, NYC

2017 Safe Space, Saint Paul the Apostle, NYC

2016 Jardi Del Silenci, Barcelona, Spain

2016 public art murals on view in LES, NYC , part of 100 Gates Project

2016 Street Art Express, NYC

2016 Sing for Hope, Madison Square Park, NYC

2016 Littlefield, Brooklyn, NYC

2016 Cadence, Prince of Bronze Building, LIC, NYC

2015 Avant Garde Gallery, NYC

2015 Novella Gallery, NYC

2015 Weill Art Gallery, New York, NY

2015 Big Draw, Beacon, NY

2015 Saint Peter’s, New York, NY

2014-2015 Attleboro Arts Museum, MA

2014 Bridgette Mayer Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2014 Hot Art Chelsea, Museum of Russian Art at the Highline Loft, New York, NY

2014 Novella Gallery, NYC

2014 Milton Weill Art Gallery, NYC, annual small works juried show, juror Sara Greenberger Rafferty

2014 Heart of God, created for the sanctuary of Saint Peter's, NYC

2014 Attleboro Art Museum, Attleboro, MA

2013 NYLO Hotel chain, New York, NY

2012 2013 Small Works exhibition, Manhattan Borough President's Office, NYC

2012 Illustration of the Writer's Bloq Quarterly

2012 Writers Bloq touring exhibition: The Players Club, New York, NY

Cambridge, MA; Princeton, NJ; Philadelphia, PA; Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC;

2012 "Exquisite", part of the NJ Arts Council Studio Tour, NJ

2012 "Frenzy into Folly", Openings Gallery, New York, NY

2012 "Art Prize", Wesminster Church, Grand Rapids, MI

2012 Rochester Contemporary Art Center, Rochester, NY

2011-12 * Narthex Gallery, Saint Peter's Church, New York, NY

2011 * November 12-20, 2011, Museum of Russian Art

2011 Museum of Russian Art, part of Museum Walk, Jersey City, NJ

2011 Museum of Russian Art acquires a diptych painting "The Wisp of the Red Realities" for its permanent collection

2011 "Drawing Connections", Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy

2011 Weill Art Gallery at Kaufmann Concert Hall, juried exhibition, New York, NY

2011 ArtExpo New York, New York, NY

2010 * Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, NY

2009 “Holodomor”, Ukrainian National Home, Hartford, CT

2008 “Still River Flows: Winter Fest”, UIA, New York, NY

2008 “In a Different Light”, Yara Arts Group and UIA, New York, NY

2006 “Solitude and the City”, Catholic Archdiocese of New York, New York, NY

2006 * Ukrainian Institute of America, New York, NY

2005 “Russian Inspiration”, Hunter Symphony, New York, NY


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August 10, 2011 Museum of Russian Art issues a statement regarding the diptych painting that it acquired for its permanent


Mar. 21, 2011 radio interview on Radio Pozitiv

Dec. 2010 portfolio of work selected for inclusion to Artnet.com

Nov. 2010 work included into a “Mosaic Fine Arts Portraits” book

Nov. 2010 ”The Colorist' from the Ukraine, creating for the Divine”,

an article by Sue Dymond featuring my works in Glass Craftsman

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Aug. 24, 2010 Museum of Contemporary Russian Art issues a statement about O.Prokopenko’s work,

calling it “food for starving souls”

May 21, 2010 TV appearance and interview profiling my work by Ludmila Blagonravova,

NTV-America, Russian International TV station

May 2010 “ Ukrainian Artist Creating Traditional Byzantine Mosaics”,

Nashville Arts Magazine

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Museum of Russian Art issues a statement regarding the diptych painting that it acquired for its permanent collection, August 10, 2011:

"We at the Museum of Russian Art (MORA) are delighted to have acquired “The Wisp of the Red Realities”, by Oksana Prokopenko, as an addition to the museum’s permanent collection.

Prokopenko’s deft treatment of energy and emotion is apparent in her twin red delight. The shocking blue in the upper right portrays a tender jolt of conflict that is echoed almost everywhere you look in art and the world over.

The soul of Prokopenko’s work is in her walking that fine line between the transcendent and the ordinary. The small blue patch in the sea of red may be seen as reflecting the disparate nature inherent in most things we encounter. Or does the blue treatment represent the whimsical and incredulity of our world?

Although life is real and filled with mundane realities, there is magic as well! Come visit us at MORA for a taste of the magic."

Margo Grant

Director/Curator, Museum of Russian Art

Museum of Russian Art comments on Oksana Prokopenko’s work, August 24th, 2010

After an extensive review of Oksana Prokopenko’s work , Museum of Contemporary Russian Art issued the following statement:

"Oksana Prokopenko is a rarity among modern artists. Drawing upon a mosaic tradition perfected in the 6th century in Byzantium (later Constantinople) where artists made surface decorations that were composed of small colored components to create an image, Prokopenko adapted this technique to fashion tiny bits of glass into spiritual images relevant to the Eastern Orthodox rite. Today only a handful of people have the patience and the skill to create mosaic icons but the few artists who do so principally work in stone, not glass To make an analogy to personal emotional experiences is easy when considering Prokopenko’s works. Just as people who are emotionally fragmented can be made whole through healing experiences, so too can Prokopenko’s fragments of glass create a meaningful whole. Her art works, which each contain thousands of tiny pieces of glass, provide a parallel to the ability of humans to recover from their shattered existence. Her brilliance in taking these glass pieces and creating something visually and spatially complex with deft use of color is awesome. For example, one of her works, “Archangels” is estimated to contain 40,000 tiny pieces of colored class in a piece that only measures about 3 ft by 4 ft. Taking hundreds (thousands) of tiny shards of stained and Venetian glass and making them into a brilliant artistic representation demonstrates an ability to detail that makes Oksana Prokopenko a rarity in today’s artistic world. In an age where there is a need to revive interest in sprituality and religious traditions, Prokopenko’s works are particularly relevant by providing food for starving souls."

Arthur Goldberg, Chairman, Museum of Contemporary Russian Art

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