Oksana Prokopenko



Prokopenko's works have been acquired into the permanent collections of museums in the USA and Italy. Prokopenko has been featured on the Russian international TV network, NTV, radio shows, and numerous publications. To quote Margo Grant, the Museum of Russian Art’s director, “The soul of Prokopenko’s work is in her walking that fine line between the transcendent and the ordinary. Prokopenko has achieved sheer brilliance in her deft treatment of the tiny pieces in her micro-mosaics. What’s more is that it is done with a rainbow of majestic colors. ” Sue Dymond of The Glass Craftsman, describes viewing Oksana’s work as “basking in quiet brilliance” and suggests - “Prepare to be inspired.” Russian NTV network’s Blagonravova states, “Oksana’s work is made not only with thousands of glass pieces, but also out of thousands prayerful words.”

Oksana Prokopenko is a Ukrainian born artist now living and working in the NYC area. She received university education in both the US at NYU and the Ukraine, at the Kiev Mohyla Academy. Prokopenko has a cross-disciplinary practice in which painting, sculpture, micromosaics and installation overlap.

Prokopenko is a rarity in today’s contemporary art scene. Her work process is similar to artists that worked hundreds of years before her with an intense focus on precision, quality and detail. Often described as a colorist, her colors inspire the viewer to spiritual and emotional heights similar to those felt by Prokopenko during her creative process, which has been described as a spiritual practice - a colorists communion with the divine.

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